Webelos Woods is a fun-packed event designed to acquaint Webelos Scouts and their parents with the future adventures of the Boy Scouts of America program. 


Often its a day-long in person event designed to aid in the Webelos-to-Scout transition plan.  Webelos Scouting and the activities of Webelos Woods should form a natural stepping stone for the Webelos Scout and his parents to move into Scouts BSA. 


However with Covid-19 we've modified Webelos Woods to be a virtual event.  This website will provide videos and the opportunity to get to know the Troops.


Please take time to review materials about our Troops and select a few to virtually visit.  We are preparing to support in person events later this year so check back to this site for more information.

Three steps to find a Troop

1. Click the 'Explore our Troops' tab

2. From "Our Troops" in the menu bar you can select different Troops to explore and see videos they produced telling you about their activities.

3. Sign up for an information session and meet the Troops and learn more about joining them